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Countertops are the highest use fixture in your kitchen. They are also the first design element that people take notice of. For these reasons a good quality and attractive countertop that represents your personality and lifestyle are integral to your kitchen design. Our experienced staff will help you select the right countertop that fits your needs, taste, budget, and lifestyle. You can choose from a wide range of Quartz, Granite, Solid Surface, and recycled products to find a kitchen countertop you can love for a lifetime.


Design Versatility

Repairable & Renewable

Lifetime Warranty

Seamless Appearance

Integral & Custom Sinks




Unique Appearance

Heat Resistant


High Recycled Content

Glass, Paper, Aluminum


Unique Appearance

Custom Colors


Backsplash is another imporant element of kitchen design and functionality. Full height backsplashes look beautiful and are much easier to clean than a painted wall. We offer a wide variety of backsplash options to fit your project needs and budget.

Tyvarian by Aztec

Best wall protection

Easy to clean

Wide range of colors & patterns

10 Year Warranty

Same day install

Matching Backsplash

Cost effective

Easy to clean

Wide range of colors & patterns

Manufacturer's Warranty

Same day install

Cove backsplash (Solid Surface)


A great sink is a must for a great kitchen. We offer a wide range of sinks including stainless steel, granite composite, solid surface and more. Like countertops, a sink should be chosen carefully based on how you plan to use it. Our knowledgeable staff will help you select the sink that is best for you from brands you can trust suck as Kohler, Blanco, and many more.

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